The tragedy of foreign policy

 Just as cricket and politics are separate fields, so are politics and governance. Just as cricket cannot be learned without practice and experience, so politics cannot be learned without pushing in this field and the art of governance and governance can only be acquired after the experience.

The tragedy of foreign policy

Undoubtedly Imran Khan was a perfect cricketer and he also did politics for 22 years but he had no experience of ruling because politics and governance are separate fields. He could have made up for this shortfall with an experienced team, but he gathered around him ministers and advisers who, like him, are Plato in speaking, but obviously all have happened by chance to become members of parliament or ministers and advisers before anyone else. The provincial ministry also had no experience. Many Tobirons have visited Pakistan for a short period of time.

That is why there are inexperience and chaos in every sector of government. Some experienced people like Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Pervez Khattak also became part of Imran Khan's cabinet but unfortunately, they are in his good box and not part of his kitchen cabinet. The tragedy of Shah Mehmood Qureshi is that he originally wanted to be the Chief Minister of Punjab but Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen played such a game with him that he could not reach the Provincial Assembly.

He unwittingly accepted the Foreign Ministry cloud but then the Prime Minister was doubted that just as Shah Mehmood Qureshi had become loyal to someone other than Asif Zardari, so too he still became the darling of someone other than Imran Khan. They want to be their alternative. Thus, even as foreign minister, foreign affairs have never been the focus of his attention.

Sometimes he dreams of becoming the Prime Minister, sometimes he becomes Faisal Wawda and assures the Prime Minister of his loyalty by crushing the opposition. On the other hand, he considers it necessary to seek approval from two or three places even when taking the smallest step in the matter of foreign policy.

Truth be told, Zulfi Bukhari's role in setting the direction of the Prime Minister's foreign policy is many times greater than his, while the role of the Foreign Minister is being played by the Prime Minister himself and unfortunately he does not understand the nuances of this field. Let it be known that the Saudis on every front make a deal for them and they keep spoiling it. The Chinese complain. The Pindi people intervene and get things right, but the next day the Prime Minister himself or one of his ministers does something that makes things worse. This is the situation with Saudi Arabia.

The Pindi people befriended him with Muhammad bin Salman but that friendship first turned into tension and now into animosity. Shah Mehmood Qureshi certainly understands the diplomatic nuances but unfortunately, he does not dare to give the right advice to avoid the Prime Minister's anger. ۔

For example, it was Shah Mehmood Qureshi's duty to tell the Prime Minister that it was not appropriate for him to board the Crown Prince's private plane at the UN General Assembly, but he did not stop him. If Khan Sahib did not understand, then Qureshi Sahib understood the reaction of Saudi Arabia to form an alliance with the leaders of Turkey, Iran and Malaysia, but he did not stop the Prime Minister and did not explain this delicacy.

Then when the Prime Minister was promoting diplomatic mediation between the United States and Iran, Shah Mehmood certainly understood the reaction from Saudi Arabia, but I am sure he would have applauded the Prime Minister to please him. They will not be stopped. The UN General Assembly met in September, while the Kuala Lumpur Conference was scheduled for December.

There was a gap of three months between September and December. During those three months, the Foreign Ministry should have settled matters with the Saudi leadership and when it failed to do so, it should have advised the Prime Minister to apologize for going to Malaysia with a valid excuse, but nothing was done. At the same time, the Prime Minister went to Saudi Arabia in the hope that he would persuade the leadership there, but there he realized that going to Malaysia would mean complete resentment of the Saudi leadership, so he apologized to Turkey and Malaysia.

Now that there was a blender, one should have avoided another blender unnecessarily, but I don't know why the Prime Minister went to Malaysia after a while and then said, "He made a mistake by not coming to the conference. He said that he would come to attend the conference next year. On the other hand, I still do not understand the logic of Shah Mehmood Qureshi himself to tell Saudi Arabia under the guise of Kashmir. If there was to be a response to the Kashmir issue, why was it not given during the first full year? On August 5, 2020, for the first time, an OIC expert group made a statement in favour of Kashmiris, for which Pakistan should have gladly thanked, but the next day the Foreign Minister came to the media and spoke harshly about Saudi Arabia and the OIC.

Someone asked me that Imran Khan is working very hard but then why is all this going wrong? I respectfully request that if Nawaz Sharif plays as the captain of the national cricket team, Zardari opener, Maulana wicket-keeper, Chaudhry Shujaat all-rounder. Of course, Asfandyar, Siraj-ul-Haq and Akhtar Mengal are also part of the team. How will the performance be? Then if the team in front is also from Australia or West Indies, will the Pakistani team be able to win even after working hard? He said no.

May He said that this is what is happening in Pakistan at present. The competition is with the experienced and cunning politicians of India and in response, our government team is doing the initial practice of match rule during the match. It is happening in Pakistan. Whose job is to do it. Why don't we understand this simple thing?

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